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What is a SaaSsafras Solution?

An identical copy of a customized set of Podio Workspaces and the coresponding Workflows created and deployed to clients with the ease of a button.

Create Solutions that contain
any Podio integrations
Extend core Podio capabilities with Enterprise features
Create Agencies with certain features

Build on a
set of scalable, cloud AWS components

Create Solutions that contain any Podio integrations

Extend core Podio capabilities with Enterprise features

Create Agencies with certain features

Build on a set of scalable, cloud AWS components

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Effortlessly Copy and Deploy Solutions

A SaaSsafras Solution is a set of one or more Podio Workspaces and the corresponding apps, fields, field references and calculations, help text, views, tiles, app level settings and layouts - Globiflows cannot yet be copied but this is on our roadmap. Anything built in Podio can be a SaaSsafras Solution which can be copied to any client. Your clients using the Solution can also be managed inside of SaaSsafras.

Click through the images below.
Create Solutions for your clients in Podio.
Capture an exact copy of that Solution with SaaSsafras.
Add your clients to SaaSsafras.
Deploy your Solution to multiple clients with SaaSsafras.

Easily Patch out Updates

Changes made to a SaaSsafras Solution's underlying Podio workspaces, apps, or fields can be captured by performing a Solution Update. This will capture the new state of the Podio workspaces into a new version of the Solution. Clients with deployed Instances of the old version can be brought up to the new version with using SaaSsafras' Patching capabilities.

Click through images below.
Make changes in Podio to create a new version of your Solution.
Re-capture the updated version of your Solution in SaaSsafras.
Patch clients who are currently on older versions to the latest version.

Test Solutions Before Deployment

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A Client could have an existing Podio-Based Solution they want improved.
SaaSafras can capture a copy, or Instance, of the Client's Solution.
SaaSsafras can deploy a new Instance of the Client Solution to the Agency for testing.
The Agency can change the Solution to improve it and create a new version.
SaaSsafras can capture an Instance of the updated version of the Client's Solution.
SaaSsafras can patch the update out to the Client so they can test it.
Based on Client's requests, new versions can continue to be created.
Then SaaSsafras can once again capture the new version in an Instance.
SaaSsafras can patch the Client up to the current version with their new requests.
The process can continue on as needed easily with SaaSsafras.

Additional Features

Event Engine

Run custom PHP, JavaScript, or C# in response to Podio events. Every deployed instance is handled by the same version of code.

Log Engine

Detailed logging from every Saasafras operation & Event Engine function, with access contols for admins and clients.

Google Integrations

Allow clients to integrate their Google account into your solution with full scripting for Google Apps!


Cross-environment data aggregation to a dedicated MySql instance, with client access controls and connection strings.

An Effortless Process

Watch the Process in Action

*Some of the features in this video are not available in the current Alpha version of SaaSsafras but will be coming in 2020.

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