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What is a SaaSsafras Solution?

A customized Podio-Based Solution that is easily copied and deployed to customers with the ease of a button.

Create Solutions that contain
any Podio integrations
Extend core Podio capabilities with Enterprise features
Create Agencies with Agency features

Build on a
set of scalable, serverless AWS components

Effortlessly Copy Solutions

Capture all the components of a multi-workspace Podio system as a deployable SaaSsafras Solution, workspaces, applications, fields, calculations, hooks, relationships, views and widgets. New instances of the Solution can be deployed to clients in minutes with one click, all managed within a single organization or through client organizations.

Easily Deploy Updates

When changes to the master copy of a Solution are ready, a new version can be created. Then SaaSsafras can patch any and all existing environments to the latest version while leaving Podio customization alone. Verify and modify the patch before it is deployed, or run custom code with it.

Test Solutions Before Deployment

With repeatable deployments and "workflow tracing" SaaSsafras provides automated QA capabilities. New versions can be deployed and tested in a dedicated environment, using previously "traced" workflow events and logged side-effects. Quickly see whether the solution is behaving as expected and run custom code in your tests.

Additional Features

Event Engine

Run custom PHP, JavaScript, or C# in response to Podio events. Every deployed instance is handled by the same version of code.

Log Engine

Detailed logging from every Saasafras operation & Event Engine function, with access contols for admins and clients.

Google Integrations

Allow clients to integrate their Google account into your solution with full scripting for Google Apps!


Cross-environment data aggregation to a dedicated MySql instance, with client access controls and connection strings.

An Effortless Process

This Is The Future Of Podio Development

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